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337: Festina Lente


KMO talks with bioregionalist author Stephanie Mills about grounding activism within a spiritual practice, ceasing to cherish opinion, memorizing poetry, making peace with religion, and learning to listen to and find common ground with Tea Party people. The collapse of industrial civilization may be at hand, and that means that it's time to make haste... slowly.


Music by East Forest.

2 comments to 337: Festina Lente

  • Cosmic Lettuce


    I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person. I’ve been listening to the c-realm podcasts for about two years now and the content has always been very interesting if not mind blowing.

    KMO is also pretty intelligent and therefore wouldn’t put up an interview with someone who makes no sense. But this is my problem: From my point of view, Ms Mills talks a lot but doesn’t say anything! I’ve now listened to this podcast twice and for the life of me I have NO IDEA what she’s talking about! Part of the problem is her speaking style. But that’s an easy hurdle to get over. The words she’s using sound to me like she’s just randomly picking out the most interesting words (to her) and saying them. I just can’t follow her at all!

    On top of that, her responses never answered the question, simply embellished the question, or went off on tangents instead. The very first Q&A was like that. KMO asked how rituals and sustainablity are related, and Ms Mills defined ‘ritual’ in a couple of very colorful ways and then started talking about religion!

    I can only assume that her actual answers are encoded in her responses, but I’ll be damned if I can’t figure them out!


    Cosmic Lettuce

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