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318: The Loyal Opposition


KMO welcomes C. Derek Varn to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss topics related to Neopaganism, magick, the Enlightenment, technology, and Object-Oriented Ontology. Derick has published print interviews with both KMO and Keith418, the guest on C-Realm Podcast episode 317: Bind Nothing! Derek asks why anyone who enjoys the comforts and benefits of 21st Century life in the First World would feel the need to re-invent and practice ancient religions, and this leads into a discussion of familiar C-Realm themes involving technology, energy, resources limits, and the potential lure of the Peak Oil narrative as a palliative for cubicle-induced alienation. KMO ends the episode with a reading from an essay by Bodhi Paul Chefurka on the need to reduce the human population by voluntary means before Malthusian forces make the cuts for us.


Music by The Weal and the Woe.

7 comments to 318: The Loyal Opposition

  • Cosmic Lettuce

    I hope you’re aware of Buckminister Fuller’s repute of Malthus. Not sure if Bucky was 100% correct, but it’s clear that Malthus’s conclusions were erroneous.

    • KMO

      Hi Lettuce,

      I’m guessing that you haven’t listened to the podcast yet. The reference to Malthus and population in the show description relates to Bodhi Paul Chefurka’s essay. It’s not part of my conversation with Derek, which is the majority of the content in this episode.

      Stay well.


      • Cosmic Lettuce

        You’re right, I haven’t listened yet. Just noticed the reference to Malthus which most people still believe is in full operation. Not that it isn’t, it’s just not a simple as that — and Bucky does an excellent job laying all that out.

        Thanks for the most excellent podcasts. I always come away with quite a few jewels. There’s a quality to yours that stands out from the others I regularly listen to (dopefiend, Lorenzo) that’s sorta hard to describe, but I appreciate it nevertheless.

        Take care and Peace,


      • The issue is that the transition period itself IS also an economic problem because capital REQUIRES growth to outpace the declining rates of profits over time.

    • Marx refuted Malthus too on similar grounds. Although it’s important to realize that Malthus was not wrong for most of human history because production was really inefficient.

  • Cosmic Lettuce

    Yes — definitely worth a 2nd and probably 3rd listen. Another “data rich” episode, KMO! You da man!

    Right at the end you read that facebook entry. The only comment I have on this (if I heard it correctly) is that what you read implies the concept of “There Isn’t Enough To Go Around”. I say that the primary cause of the problems facing us (hunger is the big one, but also all the other ones) is POLITICAL. People starve to death NOT because there isn’t enough food to go around, but because getting the food them (distribution) is difficult or impossible because of politics. Tens of thousands die every day from completely curable diseases NOT because there aren’t cures or there isn’t enough to go around, but because of politics.

    I haven’t done the math in quite a while, but I could again if pressed — but at one time I figured out that if intensive organic gardening/farming was used (John Jeavons) to feed all 7 billion humans on this planet, the area needed would be about as much as a few large western US states. So there is definitely enough land area to support tens of billions of humans.

    Oh heck, here’s the math:

    A 50ft by 50ft garden can conservatively feed three people for a year if grown even in a semi-biointensive manner. Feeding 7 billion people would therefore require 2,333,333,333 gardens. If each garden is 2500 square feet (50×50) then to feed everyone we’d need a garden area of 209,242 square miles. That’s a little smaller than the state of Texas, USA.

    The problem is political, folks, not ecological or anything else. I encourage people to consider this and then start making changes in their lifestyles to rid ourselves of this political meme that has infected this planet.

    Peace to All,


  • pkirk

    Always enjoy listening. Always thought provoking. Several of the recent podcasts have touched on the place of “spiritual” traditions in our current situation. Mr. Varn’s understanding of logic is impressive and an example of the enlightenment state of mind. This is not a criticism. I will say though, that educating oneself in wisdom traditions is equally important. Experiential spiritual practice (in addition to intellectual answer seeking) in my opinion, can help us. It served non-dominant cultures far longer than ours has existed. They will obviously evolve to suit our contemporary needs. Any vibrant spiritual tradition has to evolve to be relevant. KMO’s suggestion as to why contemporary people need spiritual practice in their lives is very good. I will add to it that, for most contemporary people, our 6 senses are dulled considerably. To assume that there is no wisdom to be gleaned from pre-industrial wisdom traditions, simply because it doesn’t fit well in the brackets of logic, is pretty arrogant. I consider myself well educated (multiple degrees etc.). But the spiritual learning I have done over the past 8 or 9 years has been as challenging as any degree I sought. And just as important.

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