317: Bind Nothing!


KMO welcomes Keith418 to discuss the need for critical thinking and consistency in the contemporary occult scene and in society at large. Keith, a self-identified Thelemite refuses to summarize and spoon feed the thinking of Aleister Crowley to those unwilling or, because of an impoverished education, unable to access Crowley’s thoughts in his own words. Later, KMO talks with Michael Pope, a straight man who took a job at a gay phone sex line to fund the making of his first film. Michael has a stage show in which he tells the story of that period in his life and the lessons he took from it.


Music by Yuki Tanoguchi. See pictures of Yuki and Shen’s three wedding ceremonies here.

  • RaggaRagga

    Noice Noice Noice! I dig it when I listen to your podcast and find a certain topic interesting, research it further and then you come out with another episode expanding upon the subject right when I was craving it. Oh beloved synchronicity! when it pans out it can be very satisfying.

  • http://jritchie.com Justin Ritchie

    An interesting look at some of the political views of Crowley: