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31: Life on the Farm – Part 1



Albert Bates founded the Ecovillage Training Center on the Farm, and as Alan Graf says in our three-way interview, can also be described as a recovering lawyer. Albert appeared on episodes 29 and 30 of the C-Realm Podcast.

Alan Graf (A.K.A. "Hippie Lawyer") is a civil rights attorney and a podcast. He podcasts his Third Planet Report from the Farm twice a week. Albert Bates and I appear in a recent episode of his podcast talking about the corporate media and independent media, like podcasts.

Stephen Gaskin lead the spiritual movement which resulted in the exodus of 300 some hippie seekers from San Francisco in 1970 to, eventually, Summer Town, Tennesse, where they established the Farm. You can find his bio here:

Stephen Gaskin:

You can find the first chapter of Stephen's classic book, Monday Night Class, here:

I am now officially promoting Alan Shoemaker's Amazonian Shamanism Conference. If I can get 10 people to enroll, that will cover my costs, and I will join those C-Realm listeners in the jungle for an ayahuasca ceremony. When filling out the application form, be sure to indicate that KMO referred you, and do send me an email ( to let me know that you enrolled.

Third Annual Shamanism Conference:

1 comment to 31: Life on the Farm – Part 1

  • KMO

    Feedback from Patrick

    A listener wrote:


    As I was listening to episode #31 today I was inspired by some new
    thoughts contrary to some current beliefs. Ideally I like the idea of
    The Farm and I plan on visiting there very soon. I think The Farm is a
    great experiment and has no doubt been a success. I could actually see
    myself living comfortably in such a lifestyle and have often considered
    something of the sort. But, while listening to the episode today, while
    sitting here at my corporate desk, the thought struck me that while The
    Farm is one of the solutions to our current dilemma, I think that the
    biggest impact the Farm could have, and something actually that was
    mentioned in the episode, is that it could serve as a model to be scaled
    up for current society. I hold very firm with the fact that the current
    lifestyle of industrialized countries is totally unsustainable, and
    unsustainable to a point that 5-10 years from now it will all be
    painfully evident. Being a family man like yourself with young kids, the
    question about what to do about all of this is all the more relevant.
    Personally I like to consider myself an innovator, an early adopter of
    new things, and I hope to position myself and my family in a lifestyle
    more balanced with nature and the way I see life on earth evolving. I
    think the only way out of our current struggle is to harmonize with each
    other and assimilate ourselves into a close knit group for the greater
    good. I do sense a swell of an ever building populist movement and it’s
    encouraging. I realize the fact that I’m totally dependent on others for
    my comfortable lifestyle.

    One thought that has been tossed around at the dinner table lately is a
    possible relocation to a more liberal and progressive area of the world.
    Is that the answer, a swift pack up and move philosophy to somewhere
    totally foreign hoping to stake a claim on a new way of life? I’m not
    sure. Or, do we move to an even more rural location and become as self
    sufficient as possible? Every day I lean more and more towards the idea
    of the former which is different than what I’ve thought for years now.
    The sheer number of us in the world today shows me that the answer is
    not isolating yourself but rather integrating yourself with a community.
    You might like this article, . You mention
    the fact that a lot of environmentalists tend to shun technology and I
    get the feeling that you don’t agree with that philosophy. I believe
    that shunning technology is a dead end street. Technology seems to be
    our only answer. We have to figure out how to harmonize and harness the
    power that we’ve been given and that we have created. Nanotechnology in
    its broadest form is one answer, efficiency in power generation is
    another, and a cultural shift in attitude from the current, “the world
    is my playground and I’m only here for a short time so I better reap all
    that I can from it,” to a more integrated way of life with nature and
    creating a better world for future generations, is another corollary
    that must accompany any solution. Long email and I apologize, but
    hopefully this is relevant to you and the “community.”

    Being a fan of Terence Mckenna yourself, what is your take on the
    archaic revival he talked so much about? In my own community I see very
    much an integration of archaic beliefs into current society.

    Thanks and keep it up,


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