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278: Functional Interconnections


Cliff Davis and Dave Jacke



KMO welcomes permaculturalists Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens, and Cliff Davis, co-director of Spiral Ridge Permaculture Gardens, back to the podcast to discuss permacultural consciousness and how it applies to ecovillages, marriages, as well as personal and societal transformation.


Music by Tim's Myth.

3 comments to 278: Functional Interconnections

  • Anonymous

    A couple of semantic comments —

    The riff about “teacher as an event” is a great one. It speaks to the context, participation, and experience vital to actual learning. Furthermore, it assists in pulling down some of the veils put in place for the convenience of administrative procedures and decision-making in general, and in the burgeoning industry of “academic achievements” with its attendant data-processing fixations and manipulations. A teacher could do much worse than to consider the guest’s perspicacious statement.

    Concerning the “needs being met”-paradigm — apparently overlaid in ecological and social terms — it seems to me that one ought to be careful in the possible implication for yet another logic for prescription, whereby the act of healing, or learning, or growing, be discussed more as the nouns such as healthcare, or education, or what-have-you — to be “delivered” with the sort of mendacity that produces select profits for some, at considerable expense to other folks. I hope that hasn’t a straw man component, and I’d suggest anyone interested in this, read Ivan Illich. Particularly, his “Towards a History of Needs” addresses this well.


  • herbal health

    “Marijuana addict?”  Makes about as much sense as a “yoga addict.”  

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