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274: Victims and Perpetrators


KMO welcomes fellow podcaster Joanna Harcourt Smith to the C-Realm to discuss her book in progress. It's called Tripping the Bardo with Timothy Leary: My Story of the Sixties Dismantlement. Joanna met and fell in love with Timothy Leary when he was on the run from the law. She was captured along with him and brought to the United States where she served as Tim's connection to the outside world while he languished in solitary confinement and endured the physical and psychological abuse that his jailers inflicted upon him. Joanna shares her thoughts on the events of 11 September 2001, and she weighs in on the question of whether Timothy Leary may have done more harm than good in his role as acid guru celebrity. Music by Mattriks and the Book of Kin.

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