205: The Fringe of the Fringe of the Fringe



KMO talks with ETC site manager, Jason Deptula, about the swollen population of the earth and how it might actually help us get through the coming transition with less upset than if there were fewer people on the planet. The conversation turns to the concepts detailed in the book Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden including the possibility that our sun has a companion star.

Music by Jesse Miller.

The letter I read from katuah included the following link:


  • http://warnwood.livejournal.com/ warnwood

    Interview with Walter Cruttenden

    Here: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2010/04apr/RIR-100425.php

    Hearing Jesse’s music brought memories of the evening back. Good times.

    • http://c-realm.com/ KMO

      Re: Interview with Walter Cruttenden

      That was a grand night! Thanks again for your hospitality and generosity.

  • http://peristaltor.livejournal.com/ peristaltor

    Must . . . Stay . . . Positive . . . .

    kmo, you display admirable attitudes of open acceptance and consideration, of patience, indeed of tranquility during your interviews I can only hope to one day emulate, if not nurture.