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182: Giving Up


KMO welcomes Jason Horsley/Aeolus Kephas to the podcast to contemplate the value of total surrender. You'll feel much better once you have abandoned all hope. Other topics include the difference between the insatiable desires of the ego and easily-satisfied requirements for psychological well-being, and how dwelling on the big picture can prove counter-productive when it takes us out of what we know.

Music by St. Augustine

Please click the link below.

You can also hear Jason on this recent episode of the Diet Soap Podcast:

2 comments to 182: Giving Up

  • liberating!

    brilliant philosophy!

  • Thanks for this one

    I’ve not managed to make it through any of his other presentations in the past, and found this one much more accessible (maybe he’ll think that’s a bad thing).:-)

    Especially liked the discussion of “surrender” at the end. Did you recognise the parallel to much of the Buddha’s teachings? Certainly sounded a lot like quite a few of the Western Theravadan teachers I’ve listened to.

    Thanks again.

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