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124: Pot Luck


"C" stands for consciousness

124: Pot Luck

KMO talks with Erik Davis about the novels of Philip Kindred Dick and the movies they inspired. Warning, this segment includes unchecked ranting by the host. Later, Professor Lefty of Lefty's Lounge stops by to chew the fat and reflect on life as a podcaster.

Musical Guest: Andy Warren


The podcast ends when the rooster crows. Any copyrighted musical material that may follow on after the closing rooster crow is not part of the podcast, and I wouldn't have any idea how it got there.

11 comments to 124: Pot Luck


  • That was a great show KMO. I really do appreciate your consistency. I’ve dropped a lot of podcasts simply because they haven’t stuck with a schedule, and especially if I enjoy it, it gets frustrating when months go by and no word at all. Well, lots of them come and go I suppose.
    Congrats on your third year!

    You mention that you listen to a lot of podcasts yourself. I’d really like to know what they are. Perhaps I can guess a few, but if you ever get a chance to note them down please do.

    Thanks for everything!

  • I’m glad there was mention of A Scanner Darkly and Minority Report. Those films are very under-rated.

    This is probably shameful to admit in public, but I’ve only read one PKD novel, and that is The World Jones Made.

    You and your listeners/readers have probably already seen this, but Robert Crumb did a real cool comic treatment of Phillip Dick’s ecstatic experiences.

  • Thanks for that screenshot. There are a couple I haven’t heard about. I will check it out, though after Coalessence, I know, I know, I KNOW I have all the information I need to proceed. I still keep soaking it up, probably because life here is so slow and mostly non experiential.
    I do read the local rag and desperately search for anything I could get involved in, but no, it isn’t happening. There is definitely a relocation in my future, or else I had better stock up on ammo. And I have already completely turned my back on that option, I simply will not go there. I have lived in dangerous areas before, and this is a decision that I made a long time ago.

    Hey, Kit… I am listening to “A Scanner Darkly” on audio book right now, that may be an option for you. It’s so more detailed than the movie.

  • Interesting Movement in the UK

    2 women in a Yorkshire village:

    To begin with, visitors to Todmorden, Yorkshire, might think it looks like any other small town in northern England.

    Working allotments are becoming more popular in Great Britain, as locally grown-produce becomes increasingly economical and environmentally-friendly.

    But look closer and you will notice some unusual features that have placed the town at the forefront of a new food revolution.

    There are herbs growing in flower boxes at the bus stop, raspberry canes on waste land, cabbages in the flower beds at the local park – and even beans between the graves in the local cemetery.

    • Re: Interesting Movement in the UK

      I really want to do this in my village.

      KMO, could you do this in your neighbourhood?


      • KMO

        Re: Interesting Movement in the UK

        KMO, could you do this in your neighbourhood?

        I have lots of land with the house that we’re renting, but there is almost no public space in the small town where I live. There is a complex of baseball fields, and I might be able to plant some things around the outskirts, but unless I secured the participation of the grounds keepers, whatever food plants I cultivated would get destroyed when they mowed the grass.

  • thank you

    hi KMO and C-Realm listeners,

    Big thanks for the mention and play. Has prompted me to offer a song you mentioned for free download – to C-Realm and Reality Sandwich pals:

    It’s also up and downloadable on the latest Podcast Alembic digest:

    Am sharing the piece under a creative commons share alike non-commercial 3.0 license – please enjoy, contact me before commercial use.

    keep well, and transmitting,

  • Hey KMO, really been enjoying your show. Your comments a while ago about the rational part of your brain interfering with your PEAK experiences were part of the inspiration for a film I just made for my theatre class.

    Hope you enjoy:

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