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109: Women Are Medicine


"C" stands for consciousness

109: Women Are Medicine

In this final podcast in the series of Friday shows meant to raise awareness of the 4th Annual International Amazonian Shamanism Conference, AyasminA talks with heterogeneous curandera, Wendy Luckey, about the path, about not fitting in, and about the role of women in humanity's collective healing.

4 comments to 109: Women Are Medicine

  • I think this is a dangerous path to walk.

    Feminists ignore substantial evidence negating many of their key suppositions. I recommend Rene Denfeld’s Kill the Body, the Head Will Fall: A Closer Look at Women, Violence, and Aggression.

    • KMO


      Did you listen to the podcast?

      • Re: Feminism

        I did. In the process, I began to regret not mentioning C-Realm in the review I wrote for Occult Sentinel. At one point in the interview [ep. #109] the guest mentions the intrinsic nurturing, Gaian-sensitivities of women (feminism and masculinity), and this reminded me of Berg’s brilliant God Wears Lipstick: Kabbalah for Women. Berg does a great job of explaining our cultural assumptions regarding women’s spirituality (from a Kabbalistic perspective, of course). Similarly, when the interviewer begins discussing poles and polarities, I was reminded of Three Initiates’ The Kybalion, and it’s Seven Hermetic Principles. I find it unfortunate that hermeticism hasn’t gone further in infiltrating neoshamanism. It seems to me that hermeticism and Kabbalah/Qabalah require more book-studying than most neoshamans are prepared to invest; but the Kabbalists haven’t done anything to open up to psychedelics, so that probably factors in too. It amused me to hear New Thought and hermetic principles sprinkled into the interviewer’s philosophies, but she didn’t seem to recognize their roots. New Thought has a lot more in common with neo-shamanism than with traditional shamanism.

        I was a bit disappointed with the interviewer’s association of kundalini with other forms of life energy. From an external perspective, the correlation between ‘energies’ seems enough to draw a comparison, but this is a byproduct of ignorance. The energies that neoshamans and shamans make use of is entirely different from the kundalini force. This lack of discrimination left me perplexed. I was similarly confused at the unfortunate misunderstanding of chakras. Although we can translate the chakras onto Western systems, the energies and principles involved are different. Any amount of formal work with path working or chakras will demonstrate this.

        Anyway, mainly what I took issue with was the insinuation that women have certain intrinsic characteristics that contradict established sociological data. Women are not intrinsically more nurturing, compassionate or any of that other BS than men. Put women in control and you do not have utopia; you have another version of hell.

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