C-Realm Vault 020


KMO welcomes repeat C-Realm Guest, Eric Boyd, to the Vault to discussion Ray Kurzwiel’s new job as Google’s Director of Engineering. The conversation turns to the post-Steve Jobs era for Apple computer, the future of Microsoft, the pain in the ass that is Facebook, and the Gartner Hype Cycle for emerging technologies. Later, KMO and Eric discuss a report from the National Intelligence Council on the global trends that will shape the geopolitical landscape in 2030. The report, which is an example of open-source intelligence, seems both overly optimistic and conservative at the same time. KMO references a series of 5 blog posts by John Michael Greer in which he describes a plausible scenario which leads to the end of the American empire and the break-up of the United States as it exists today. The episode ends with kind words from Z-Realm co-host, Marty. Listen to a FREE PREVIEW.

2 comments to C-Realm Vault 020

  • Sam

    Saying that Kurzweil is “Google’s Director of Engineering” is a bit misleading. He’s a Director of Engineering at Google. He’s far from the only one with that job title.

    • KMO

      Hi, Sam.
      Fair enough. I don’t know if you’ve listened to the show yet, but Eric and I question whether Ray will actually be doing any work for Google or whether he’s entering into a more symbolic partnership with Google. I realize that there’s a huge difference between being ***a*** Director of Engineering and ***THE*** Director of Engineering.

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