C-Realm Vault 019


Philip Riley’s Psychomanteum

Philip Riley begins the ritual of the Psychomanteum and leaves KMO to it. KMO spends an hour inside and then emerges to tell of his experience. The idea was to contact KMO’s dead father, and while no immediate encounter was forthcoming, Philip tells KMO that the call has been made. Contact sometimes follows in the coming days. The post-psychomanteum conversation is wide-ranging and touches on familiar topics. Olga comes in near the end. She had been walking the streets of Williamsberg to give KMO quiet time in the Psychomanteum. Listen to a FREE PREVIEW.

1 comment to C-Realm Vault 019

  • This episode makes me want to buy a vault membership so I can hear your experience in the Psychomanteum. A number of years ago I had toyed with the idea of building my own Psychomanteum and had researched the topic a fair amount. Your guest was very knowledgeable about the background and his personal experience operating the portal was fascinating. I was surprised that the ganzfeld effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganzfeld_effect) didn’t come up at all.

    The ganzfeld effect is essentially a sensory deprivation experience created by a lack of discernable patterns by the eyes. Snow blindness is the same thing and this effect can cause hallucinations or other psychedelic experiences. While I never built a full psychomanteum due to lack of capitol to construct the thing, I did do some experimenting with these types of hallucinatory inducing visual fields. I’ll have to get some of these online and post them here.

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