Remember the “Peace Dividend” we were supposed to enjoy once all the money we spent on the military during the Cold War could be put to better use after the USSR collapsed? Well, the Cold War morphed into the War on Terror and the [...]



Justin, Seth, KMO & Mocha

The conversation with Seth Moser-Katz and Justin Ritchie continues from C-Realm Podcast episode 372: Dessert First! KMO asks both guests to comment on the fluidity of the contemporary economic milieu and the potential for the magnified utility of [...]



Misha Leptic

This 50th episode opens with the portion of the discussion with Misha Lepetic that did not fit into C-Realm Podcast episode 371:  Corralling the Opt-outs. Misha discusses his back-ground, his back-ground, and the intellectual and creative path that has led him [...]

C-Realm Vault 049


KMO in the San Juan islands in 2010.

KMO talks with Douglas Lain about ducks, Kickstarter campaigns and gamification as a way of achieving societal change. Later KMO balances warnings against epochal thinking with the need to remain sufficiently alert to spot and [...]



In this 48th episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast, KMO plays a portion of his recent conversation with Tom Barbalet that did not fit into C-Realm Podcast 369: Apes in Silicon. In this segment, Tom talks about the problems he sees with Ray Kurzweil’s [...]



Bacon’s Rebellion

KMO and Olga talk with Jay Smith about the Age of Limits conference, and about what Professor Cornell West calls “the niggerization of America” after  9/11. Jay talks about the movement of energy through society and how  it informs not only [...]



Doin’ My Thing

Traveling ayahuascero, Chononita was the guest on Psychonautica 096. Hear what the Psychonautica listeners missed in this conversation with Chononita. KMO met Chononita in the Peruvian Amazon in 2008, and they discuss the various personalities who make the region there [...]



The conversation with Eric Boyd continues from C-Realm Podcast episode 366. KMO and Eric talk about the Zeitgeist Movement and then cycle through a series of familiar C-Realm themes and look to SF literature and media for illustrations of various concepts. KMO’s youngest son [...]



First up is a discussion with Dmitry Orlov on the topic of Anarchy. For a more in-depth treatment of the subject see Dmitry’s 3 part series on his blog. After that Larry Lowe enters the Vault to discuss mind control. He makes reference to [...]



The conversation with Chip Walter about evolution and human consciousness from C-Realm Podcast 364: Last Ape Standing continues in this Vault episode. They discuss the human need for power. All animals must seek power over their environment, and humans live in a social environment, [...]



Deep Thought

KMO continues his reading from Industrial Society and Its Future by Freedom Club. This episode covers paragraphs 167 – 206.  FC describes dystopian scenarios of which might come top pass if we fail to destroy industrial society when the opportunity presents [...]

C-Realm Vault 041


KMO talks with Ben McLeish of the Zeitgeist Movement. The conversation flows between discussions of current TV shows, gun control, suicide, and the wisdom of trying to reduce the harm of violence by restricting access to the implements of harm rather than addressing to [...]

C-Realm Vault 040


KMO reads paragraphs 125 – 166 of Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore Kaczynski in which the author explains why technology is more powerful than the aspiration for freedom and what technology-hating revolutionaries can do to take advantage of the coming time of [...]

C-Realm Vault 039


KMO welcomes long-time friend and fellow podcaster, the Dopefiend, to the C-Realm Vault to talk about the media criticism of Charlier Brooker and his transition from critic to creator of scripted dramas like the zombie apocalypse/reality TV mash-up, Dead Set. Brooker is also the creator [...]

C-Realm Vault 038


KMO reads and comments on paragraphs 77 – 124 of Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore Kaczynski. This section of the manifest includes a discussion of the motivations of scientists, FC’s five historical principles, an explanation of the difference between reformers and revolutionaries, [...]