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ETC Voices Podcast #21


KMO talks with two young people traveling by bicycle and sustained by faith as they make their way from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific and back again with very little money. Brad, a C-Realm listener who came to the Farm for a visit, provides his own perspective on the path of job and mortgage.

ETC Voices Podcast 020


KMO concludes the talk with Professor Bob Rosenthal started on C-Realm Podcast episode 260. Bob describes why he brings his students to the Ecovillage Training Center to give them a working example of an intentional community. Music by Sara Jarosz.etcvoices020etcvoices020

ETC Voices Podcast 019

KMO talks with ETC neighbor, Carl E., about the community taking shape on the periphery of the Farm. There are great opportunities for getting "back to the land" in rural Tennessee, but Carl warns against making a move based on panic.

You can hear Carl discuss the philosophy and practicalities of salvage in episode 231 of the C-Realm Podcast.

ETC Voices Podcast 018

KMO talks with two travelers in search of community. Topics include peak oil, nuclear power, and the challenges of preparing for a post-collapse environment when the imperatives of the money economy remain in full effect.

ETC Voices Podcast 017

This episode features an impassioned plea for veganism delivered to an audience at the Farm by Dr. Will Tuttle. Meals are the most powerful rituals in our culture, and every meal that includes meat reinforces a notion of human superiority and dominance. Dr. Tuttle proposes changing meals as a means of changing consciousness and fostering compassion.

At the end of the podcast, KMO shares some of the details of recent changes in his diet which have him eating more, not less, meat.

ETC Voices: A Wizard in Hippie’s Clothing

New ETC Voices Podcast!

ETC Voices Podcast 014

This episode features a recording that I made with two former Farmies while I was on the road in November. Lauren and Jack share their experiences on the Old Farm. Topics include creative marriage arrangements on the Old Farm, struggles with inadequate housing and nutrition, and spiritual hierarchies.

ETC Voices Podcast 013

KMO and Gregory Landua conclude their conversation about the permaculture and the upcoming financial permaculture course to be held on the Farm in September 2010. Later, KMO plays music and conversation recorded in the Green Dragon at the Ecovillage Training Center with Sugaree and John Henry.

ETC Voices Podcast 012

Paul interviews Mario, an ETC "eco-soaker" about his week on the Farm, and KMO talks with Gregory Landua about permaculture and about the philosophical principles that guide the ETC and how they differ from the guiding ethic of the larger Farm community.

You can learn more about the Gaia University Financial Permaculture course here:


ETC Journal Podcast 010

This week's show is all about the annual Farm homecoming event called 'Ragweed.' Perspectives from Farmies young and old.

ETC Voices Podcast 009

This episode features more conversation with Martina Westover about her search for the social technologies to facilitate community cohesion, Albert Bates on Right Livelihood, banjo music by Luke Who and a farewell from Jamie J.

The Albert Bates material was excerpted with permission from the Enlightened Business Podcast:


ETC Voices Podcast 008

KMO talks with Nathanael Johnson about his investigations into the harsh realities of medicalized birth in the United States. Nate also shares a recording he made of Ina May Gaskin talking about the role of midwifery on the Farm and how she discovered her life's work as a midwife and a teacher of midwives.

Music by Old Soul.


ETC Voices Podcast 007

Are there bad plants? There are certainly plants I don't want growing in my garden or near where I live, but Cliff Davis has heard enough talk about so-called "invasive plants." He tells KMO why that is, and Albert K. Bates talks about the population surge capacity of the ETC and about the difficulty of putting volunteer labor to productive use.

Music by Old Soul.

Here is the article from the Statesman and the Wikipedia entry on Kudzu from which I read on the podcast.


ETC Voices Podcast 006

A new round of permaculture apprentices means a new round of community building. KMO talks with Innkeeper Merry, apprentice Paul G, and guest Martina W about their hopes for creating community.


ETC Voices Podcast 004

KMO talks with Site Manager, Jason Deptula who starts out talking about constructed wetlands for waste water reclamation and goes on to introduce the biography and ideas of Viktor Shauberger, the Austrian Water Wizard. KMO reads feedback from listeners about the tension between permaculture and vegetarianism. Albert Bates describes gardening as a literally cosmic experience. Music by Luke Who.