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The conversation from C-Realm Podcast 429 continues here in the Vault. KMO, Glen and Doug talk about the surveillance state, privacy, and internet porn. Doug is impatient with the idea that gay equals happy. He’d like to see some of his peers get off [...]

429: Doomer Faeries


Reverends Glen and Yolanda

KMO is joined by podcaster, Glen Ganaway, and friend of the C-Realm, Doug, to talk about the lack of gay male perspectives in the peak oil scene and the lack of interest among urban gay men in looking seriously at [...]



The Chick

KMO talks with Joel Zoslofsky about a number of regular C-Realm themes, like divorcing the experience of abundance from the material consumption quantified by “standard of living” metrics. They also talk about some of the characters in the C-Realm comic strip. [...]

428: Futures Near and Far


The Red: First Light by Linda Nagata

KMO speaks with hard SF novelist and publisher, Linda Nagata.  A listener sent KMO a copy of Linda’s first novel, The Bohr Maker, and in preparing for the interview he immersed himself in some of her more [...]



Olga hasn’t been on the mic much in recent months, but she’s front and center in this conversation with Michael G. They talk about the principles of Burning Man and the ways in which reality and those principles sometimes diverge. Michael has a geodesic [...]

427: Ice Cream in Rwanda


Rob Fruchtman

KMO interviewed Rob Fruchtman, the director of the film Sweet Dreams on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 . They spoke in front of a live audience in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. In this episode of [...]



Butterflies and zebras, moonbeams and fairy tales.

The conversation with John Micheal Greer from C-Realm Podcast episode 426 continues here with emphasis on teasing apart the conflated notions of hope as either the irrational belief that if you just wish hard enough things [...]

426: The Myth of Progress


JMG @ Age of Limits 2014

KMO welcomes John Michael Greer back to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about his book Not the Future We Ordered: Peak Oil, Psychology, and The Myth of Progress. The conversation begins with a trip back in time to [...]



Held indefinitely without charge

KMO and Olga went to see the new Planet of the Apes movie with their friends Justin and Caitlin and then recorded a conversation about it over drinks on Justin’s tug boat. The conversation starts out talking about the [...]

425: A Cheerful Engagement with Reality


KMO yaks with James Howard Kunstler about the third novel in his World Made by Hand series. It’s called A History of the Future, and it gives us a glimpse of life outside the little corner of upstate New York to which the events of [...]



Jürgen Geuter (AKA tante)

The conversations with Jürgen Geuter (AKA tante) and Lisha Sterling from C-Realm Podcast #424 continue here in the Vault. Both conversations focus on the interplay between democracy and dissent. Lisha says you can’t have one without the other. tante argues [...]

424: The Limits of Privacy


Worried Monkey learns to solder at Hope X.

KMO attended Hope X in NYC this past weekend (July 18 – 20, 2014) where he recorded an interview with tante (AKA Jürgen Geuter) about the unrealistic expectations we heap upon on idea of privacy. Specifically, he [...]



Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden at Hope X.

KMO attended the Hope X convention in New York City and collected interviews with Willow  Bl00 of the BrainMeats! podcast, Charles Duan, Director of Patent Reform at Public Knowledge, and Patrick Howell O’Neill who works the [...]

423: “Away”


Sustainable Dave

KMO welcomes David Chameides to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about his efforts to effectively communicate the implications of peak oil and climate change to teenagers. Dave has delivered this message to the students at the North Carolina Governor’s School, a summer [...]



In another solo show, KMO riffs on the possibility and desirability of achieving ego death or non-dual awareness. Thomas Ligotti has a chapter on the topic in The Conspiracy Against the Human Race which KMO summarizes.  Later he reflects on environmental catastrophism.  In his [...]