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The conversation with Ahnika Delirium from C-Realm Podcast #462 continues here. The over-used phrase, “Check your privilege,” regardless of the importance of recognizing differential power relationships, has come to serve as a thought-stopper and crypto-ad hominem. Ahnika has an alternative phrase which means the [...]

462 Fluid Binaries


Ahnika Delirium

KMO and Olga visited House of Collection to speak with Ahnika Delirium about intentional communities, gender identities & presentation, privilege, and whether a conservative Christian cakemaker should be required by law to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Links and [...]



Artwork by Andrew Dimitt

Before there was FaceBook, before there was MySpace, there was LiveJournal. KMO welcomes fellow cartoonist, Andrew Dimitt, to the C-Realm Vault to talk about navigating online spaces, sacred geometry, the I Ching, plunging down the rabbit hole and speaking [...]

461: I Don’t Speak My Language


Dr. Bayo Akomolafe

KMO talks with Dr. Bayo Akomolafe about cultural hegemony and getting out from under imposed colonial value systems. Bayo, who flauted the expectations of training as clinical psychologist, embarked on a shamanic quest to re-connect with his own heritage. He say [...]



Hexagram 10: Stepping on the Tiger’s Tail

KMO and Erik Davis continue the conversation from C-Realm Podcast 460 and compare the Amazon Studios production of The Man in the High Castle to the original Philip K. Dick novel. At the time they recorded [...]

460: Not That Guy


Techgnosis, by Erik Davis, was first published back in 1998, before the dot com crash, the presidential election fiasco of the year 2000, 9/11, the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, the financial crisis of 2008 and the protracted recession and jobless recovery. Erik joins [...]



The conversation about iboga with Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis continues in this episode of the Vault. Dimitri describes his arrest in Seattle, his short time in federal detention and the seemingly unlikely outcome of his trial.

459: Mobengo!


Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis

KMO welcomes Lex Pelger back to the C-Realm, and Lex brought along his friend, Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis. Dimitiri, who is the subject of the film I Am Dangerous With Love, is a former heroin addict who beat his addiction with the [...]



Everything was hunky dory in the Roman empire until one day the barbarians showed up at the gates with legalized recreational marijuana. The Romans mounted a heroic defense. The officers barked at the soldiers under their commands, “Fight like demons, men! They’re here to [...]

458: Wrangling Futures


William Butler Yeats

KMO welcomes futurist, Eric Garland, to the C-Realm to explain why it’s still important to look to the future. Eric is well aware of the bad rap that “futurism” has gotten in recent years, but he wears the futurist mantle with [...]



KMO welcomes Larry Lowe back to the Vault to help bring together some of the recent C-Realm and CRV themes. In particular, Larry wanted to stress the magnitude of the change from Internet Protocol version 4 to IPV6. Larry also has some choice words [...]

457: Techno Extortion


KMO talks with Marshall Brain, founderĀ of HowStuffWorks, about the path that the United States is on with regard to jobs, automation, profitability and social cohesion. Marshall is the author of a novel called Manna that describes the dark road we’re on and one possible alternative. [...]

CRV 136



This episode consists of a long segment of after dinner conversation between Olga, KMO and their dinner guest, David Muehsam. The conversation begins with some fairly dense discussion on various methods and lineages of yoga but opens up into a discussion that cover [...]

456: Ready for Anything


KMO welcomes Hal Brill to the C-Realm to talk about the book The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money. In a future marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, investors need to overhaul their risk management toolkit. If the sorts [...]



The discussion with Doug Lain about Leonard Nimoy’s legacy from C-Realm Podcast 455 morphs into a general discussions of Vulcans throughout the myriad Star Trek story vehicles with particular emphasis on the prequel series, Enterprise. Before that, KMO draws together threads from the writings [...]