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485: Hands Off My Settings


Don’t Bogart that orb, man!

KMO welcomes Dr. James Hughes of the IEET back to the C-Realm Podcast to tease out the finer points of cognitive liberty. There are a number of new technologies that promise to give us greater control over our thoughts [...]



The Hunk

The conversation with Wendy Tremayne and Mikey Sklar about living out of one’s car continues on this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast. Later, Olga describes her experiences and the people she met at Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s Tiny House Summer Camp 3 [...]

484: Life on Tires


Hondo, Wendy and Sesame.

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne, author of The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living, returns to the C-Realm Podcast, and this time she’s brought along her partner, Mikey Sklar. They have taken a break from their New Mexico homestead and have [...]

CRV 164


And since no bank would give you a mortgage for this ramshackle pile of boards, you’d better have cash in hand.

KMO and Dermot O’Connor, two cantankerous Irishmen who each fluked his way into the outer perimeter of the tech wealth tent for [...]

483: The Pace of Nature


The final interview that KMO and Olga recorded on their recent Vermont road trip was with Mark Morey at the Institute for Natural Learning. Mark had a copy of the book Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future on the desk in front of him [...]



The conversation with Cory Richardson of Hanging Hugs from C-Realm 482 continues here in the Vault. The conversation begins with the ways a societal focus on private property distorts human behavior in unhelpful and sometimes absurd ways. KMO tries and mostly fails to articulate [...]

482: Enlightened Neurotics


Cory in hula hoop ecstasy.

KMO and Olga took a road trip through Vermont and recorded conversations at most every step along the way. This week’s conversation took place at Good Commons retreat center in Plymouth, Vermont where Olga talked with her friend, Tesha Buss, [...]



According to the Global Slavery Index, the prevalence of modern slavery is highest in; Mauritania, Haiti, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Moldova, Benin, Cote d’ivoire, the Gambia, Gabon.

The conversation with mindfulness teacher Soryu Forall concludes in this episode of the C-Realm Vault in which [...]

481: Comfort and Understanding (Are Killing Us)


Soryu Forall

KMO and Olga continue the conversation with Soryu Forall at the Center for Mindful Learning. Soryu explains that the sort of happiness that comes from the ability to make our bodies comfortable and our minds understand is a terrible danger to life [...]

CRV161 Redux


Soryu Forall of the Center For Mindful Learning teaches meditation to a group at the Burlington Friends Meeting Hall. In between meditation sessions and debriefing, Soryu explains the importance of breaking fixed points of view and familiar means of pursuing happiness.  Only by doing [...]

480: Assumptions and Preferences


Soryu Forall

KMO and Olga took a road trip to Vermont where they met up with Soryu Forall, a meditation and mindfulness teacher and the founder of the Center for Mindful Learning. On this episode of the C-Realm Podcast, Soryu describes the feedback loop [...]



Any port in a storm? That would have to be some storm.

KMO responds to feedback on the tiny house episode of the C-Realm podcast. Then he continues his reflections on’s labor practices in the late 1990s before moving on to questioning [...]

479: Tiny Gets Huge


“Deek” basking in the light of the Tuftex.

KMO and Olga talk with Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of Derek builds tiny houses, cabins, forts and other unconventional structures, often using donated or scrounged materials. Olga will be attending his Tiny House Summer Camp 3 [...]



Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle.

KMO expands on his comments at the end of C-Realm 478: Lies, Damned Lies and Data about the workplace culture at in the early days of the company into a wider set of reflections on what it [...]

478: Lies, Damned Lies and Data


The mint features prominently in the conversation.

KMO and Olga welcome Karl Fitzgerald, creator of the Renegade Economists Podcast, to the kitchen table at C-Realm HQ. Karl was in New York recording many hours of video with Michael Hudson, and on his last night [...]