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Any port in a storm? That would have to be some storm.

KMO responds to feedback on the tiny house episode of the C-Realm podcast. Then he continues his reflections on’s labor practices in the late 1990s before moving on to questioning [...]

479: Tiny Gets Huge


“Deek” basking in the light of the Tuftex.

KMO and Olga talk with Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of Derek builds tiny houses, cabins, forts and other unconventional structures, often using donated or scrounged materials. Olga will be attending his Tiny House Summer Camp 3 [...]



Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle.

KMO expands on his comments at the end of C-Realm 478: Lies, Damned Lies and Data about the workplace culture at in the early days of the company into a wider set of reflections on what it [...]

478: Lies, Damned Lies and Data


The mint features prominently in the conversation.

KMO and Olga welcome Karl Fitzgerald, creator of the Renegade Economists Podcast, to the kitchen table at C-Realm HQ. Karl was in New York recording many hours of video with Michael Hudson, and on his last night [...]



There is no guest on this episode of the Vault. KMO goes it alone with some reflections on recent events. Was the challenge to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign helped by the challenge from disruptive protesters claiming to speak for #BlackLivesMatter ? This and more [...]

477: SBNR


Psychedelic Parenting

In recent decades an increasing number of people have begun to identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” In this episode of the C-Realm Podcast, KMO talks with Jonathan Thompson about the unintended consequences of this practice of loading the word ‘religion’ [...]



The conversational collage with Doug Lain, author of After the Saucers Landed, and regular C-Realm contributor Larry Lowe that started in C-Realm episode 476: The Third Space concludes here. We delve deeper into the intention and hidden complexities of Doug’s book, the sorry state [...]

476: The Third Space



Douglas Lain has a new novel, After the Saucers Landed, which depicts an alternate history in which fake-looking flying saucers land on the White House lawn in the 1990s. The aliens that emerge are Nordic space brothers like the ones described by Billy [...]



Goats have weird eyes

The conversation with Katherine MacLean of Happy Acres Farm about home birth, medical technocracy, vaccinations, and self-directed education concludes in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast. The elusive Olga K makes a rare on-mic appearance.


475: Living at Home


In May, KMO and Olga visited Katherine MacLean at Happy Acres Farm in Sherman, Connecticut. At the time, Katherine was pregnant and planning to have the baby at home under the care of midwives in spite of much pressure to give herself over to the care [...]



U. G. Krishnamurti

The discussion of Thomas Ligotti and The Conspiracy Against the Human Race concludes in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast. Guest Kevin Dole describes Ligotti’s relationship to Buddhism and uses the example of U. G. Krishnamurti to illustrate Ligotti’s [...]



KMO and guest Kevin Dole consider why horror writer Thomas Ligotti considers consciousness to be the parent of all horrors. Consciousness is supposed to be the most marvelous phenomenon in existence right? Not according to Ligotti. In his first non-fiction book, The Conspiracy Against the [...]



As a prelude to this week’s main C-Realm Podcast discussion of The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, KMO lays some groundwork regarding Thomas Ligotti’s pessimistic philosophy as illustrated by his story “The Red Tower.”

473: Anarchist without Adjectives


KMO spoke with Kevin Carson while visiting Arkansas. Kevin is an avowed anti-capitalist, but some C-Realm listeners can’t square that notion with Kevin’s professed libertarian leanings and his failure to avow uncomplicated condemnation of private property and “the market.” Whatever that is. The conversation touches [...]



Foundation Farm, north of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

KMO took a vacation in Northwest Arkansas and went to visit his friend Patrice Gros, an small-scale organic farmer. They talked about the reasons for the aging of the farming population and why young people are [...]