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475: Living at Home


In May, KMO and Olga visited Katherine MacLean at Happy Acres Farm in Sherman, Connecticut. At the time, Katherine was pregnant and planning to have the baby at home under the care of midwives in spite of much pressure to give herself over to the care [...]



U. G. Krishnamurti

The discussion of Thomas Ligotti and The Conspiracy Against the Human Race concludes in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast. Guest Kevin Dole describes Ligotti’s relationship to Buddhism and uses the example of U. G. Krishnamurti to illustrate Ligotti’s [...]



KMO and guest Kevin Dole consider why horror writer Thomas Ligotti considers consciousness to be the parent of all horrors. Consciousness is supposed to be the most marvelous phenomenon in existence right? Not according to Ligotti. In his first non-fiction book, The Conspiracy Against the [...]



As a prelude to this week’s main C-Realm Podcast discussion of The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, KMO lays some groundwork regarding Thomas Ligotti’s pessimistic philosophy as illustrated by his story “The Red Tower.”

473: Anarchist without Adjectives


KMO spoke with Kevin Carson while visiting Arkansas. Kevin is an avowed anti-capitalist, but some C-Realm listeners can’t square that notion with Kevin’s professed libertarian leanings and his failure to avow uncomplicated condemnation of private property and “the market.” Whatever that is. The conversation touches [...]



Foundation Farm, north of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

KMO took a vacation in Northwest Arkansas and went to visit his friend Patrice Gros, an small-scale organic farmer. They talked about the reasons for the aging of the farming population and why young people are [...]

472: Mean and Stupid


KMO is visiting his family in northwest Arkansas, and in this episode he asks some of his Arkansan friends about the Confederate battle flag. Berryville-based writer and broadcaster, Dan Krotz, explains how people who display the Confederate flag are broadcasting the message that they are [...]



A corner of the largely abandoned downtown square in Berryville, Arkansas.

KMO is with his kids, visiting family in Berryville, Arkansas. In this episode of the Vault, KMO talks with Dan Krotz, Berryville resident and the author of Coffee with John Heartbreak: A Mostly [...]



KMO is in Arkansas with his children, and for this week’s Vault episode he connected with Portland-based animator, author and Friend of the C-Realm, Dermot O’Connor. The episode begins with some recovered conversational fragments about nuclear war and the “duck and cover” response that [...]

471: Writ in Water


Inscription on the headstone of John Keats

This episode features two conversations recorded at the kitchen table with people whom Erik Davis introduced to KMO and Olga. First up is stage magician Ferdinando Buscema who describes a memento mori ritual he has constructed for [...]



KMO, Olga and JoHio at Age of Limits 2014

KMO attended the 2014 Age of Limits gathering and recorded a number of interviews with fellow attendees. In this episode, KMO talks with Bill W., a lay minister in a Unitarian Universalist congregation about [...]

470: A Poker Player’s Point of View


KMO welcomes Pentamental co-host John Maguire to the C-Realm to talk explicitly about consciousness. The conversation ranges from quantum physics and its relationship with fuzzy New Age belief systems to poker and epistemological humility. A final homage to the late Joe Bageant leads into a [...]



In this final podcast to feature recordings from the Left Forum 2015, the topic is the full cooperation of the Democratic Party in the USA and the socialists and left parties in Europe to adopt neoliberalism, the financialization of the economy and policies of [...]

469: Left Communication


Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report

KMO attended the 2015 Left Forum, and while he found the presenters to be, on the whole, quite knowledgeable, he was, once again, struck by their flat presentations and lack of communicative polish. What’s up with that? In [...]

CRV 148


The discussion of energy geopolitics from C-Realm 468 concludes here. In the second half of the program, John McCullough describes Hollywood’s evolving relationship with the American middle class as exemplified by the movies Michael Clayton, Blue Jasmine, and Assault on Wall Street. You can [...]