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Everything was hunky dory in the Roman empire until one day the barbarians showed up at the gates with legalized recreational marijuana. The Romans mounted a heroic defense. The officers barked at the soldiers under their commands, “Fight like demons, men! They’re here to [...]

458: Wrangling Futures


William Butler Yeats

KMO welcomes futurist, Eric Garland, to the C-Realm to explain why it’s still important to look to the future. Eric is well aware of the bad rap that “futurism” has gotten in recent years, but he wears the futurist mantle with [...]



KMO welcomes Larry Lowe back to the Vault to help bring together some of the recent C-Realm and CRV themes. In particular, Larry wanted to stress the magnitude of the change from Internet Protocol version 4 to IPV6. Larry also has some choice words [...]

457: Techno Extortion


KMO talks with Marshall Brain, founder¬†of HowStuffWorks, about the path that the United States is on with regard to jobs, automation, profitability and social cohesion. Marshall is the author of a novel called Manna that describes the dark road we’re on and one possible alternative. [...]

CRV 136



This episode consists of a long segment of after dinner conversation between Olga, KMO and their dinner guest, David Muehsam. The conversation begins with some fairly dense discussion on various methods and lineages of yoga but opens up into a discussion that cover [...]

456: Ready for Anything


KMO welcomes Hal Brill to the C-Realm to talk about the book The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money. In a future marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, investors need to overhaul their risk management toolkit. If the sorts [...]



The discussion with Doug Lain about Leonard Nimoy’s legacy from C-Realm Podcast 455 morphs into a general discussions of Vulcans throughout the myriad Star Trek story vehicles with particular emphasis on the prequel series, Enterprise. Before that, KMO draws together threads from the writings [...]

455: JUST a Theory?


KMO welcomes Professor James Krupa to the C-Realm to discuss his experience teaching evolution to college students in Kentucky. He is the author of an article in the new issue of Orion called “Defending Darwin” Does accepting the theory of evolution by natural selection automatically [...]



Peter Moskos

After the panel discussion about policing featured on C-Realm 454: Broken Windows, Professor Peter Moskos sat down with Professor Alex S. Vitale and several grad students to take the conversation to a deeper level. The conversation starts out as a continuation [...]

454: Broken Windows


New York mayor, Bill DeBlasio, and his police commissioner, Bill Bratton, both hold fast in their support for a community policing strategy called “Broken Windows.” Critics charge that the policy amounts to targeting black neighborhoods for absurdly stringent enforcement which sends people of color to [...]



Continuing the discussion of the relationship between transportation, energy and social control as described in by Ivan Illich in Energy and Equity, KMO quotes various blogs and magazine articles to illustrate how and why Illich needed to revise his views on the destructiveness [...]

453: Yay or Nay?


An extreme position in the environmental movement is that activists should be engaged in deliberately trying to hasten the collapse of the global economic system. Nothing short of complete collapse, they argue, can save the rest of life on Earth from human rapaciousness and stupidity. [...]



A Velocipede.

Ivan Illich rejected the notion that the industrialized nations face an “energy crisis.” He argued that a society and landscape shaped by high-energy and high-speed transport distorted the human experience of time and space in unhelpful ways and exacerbated social inequalities. [...]

452: The Most Effective Change


KMO and Olga’s winter road trip is drawing to an end. This episode features two conversation recorded at their second to last stop, Bunnygoat Farm in Brewton, Alabama. The first conversation with Olga’s long-time friend, Chris “Bunny” Fields, focuses on his decision to leave NYC [...]



Street art in St. Petersburg, Florida.

KMO and Olga are on the road. This episode of the C-Realm Vault was recorded at the home of James Chris Fields (AKA Chris Bunny of Bunnygoat Farm). The episode starts with a conversation between KMO and [...]