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449: A Crisis of Listening


KMO talks with yoga teacher and oral history archivist Susan Kraft about listening and mindfulness. KMO echos some skepticism articulated by Evgeny Morozov around the popularity of practices and applications designed to facilitate “mindfulness.” While Morozov isn’t even convinced that “mindfulness” means much of anything, [...]



The conversation with Jasun Horsley continues here in the Vault. Jasun describes encounters with a terrible and untenable reality in childhood that, for a time, he interpreted as alien encounters like those reported by Whitley Strieber in Communion. Later he came to the conclusion [...]

448: Zero Cubed


KMO welcomes Doug Lain, the new publisher ar Zero Books, back to the C-Realm Podcast. Doug talks about his transition from solo podcaster to his current role, and then Jasun Horsley joins the conversation. Zero Books will publish Jasun’s most recent book, Seen and Not [...]



The fasces symbolized a Roman magistrate’s power. It remains a favorite symbol of political authority.

KMO delves into the conspiracy mentality and compares the rantings of Alex Jones on the corrupting influence of professional sports on the character of the nation with a [...]

447: Back At It


KMO took last Wednesday off, but now he’s back at it. This first C-Realm Podcast of 2015 features no guest, but KMO borrows from various sources to give a rundown of the tensions in New York City between the police, the mayor and citizens of [...]



KMO begins the new year with a conversation with Glen Ganaway about the history and culture of the New York Police Department. The NYPD has engaged in a virtual work stoppage in which they don’t arrest anyone “unless they have to.” Are the police [...]



In this final C-Realm Vault podcast for 2014, KMO and guest, Eric Boyd, look back at the 2014 and forward to the coming year with an eye to technological, social and political trends. Will 2015 be the year that the VR finally makes good [...]

446: 2014 Wrap-up


C-Realm comic characters: The Lion and The Chick

For this final C-Realm Podcast episode for the year 2014, KMO and Eric Boyd look back on the events of the year. From the personal to the geo-political, it has been an eventful and satisfying year [...]



Alec Guinness as Marcus Aurelius

The conversation with J. P. Harpignies continues here in the Vault. It can be very frustrating to live in a time when the direction of cultural development seems to be in the opposite direction of where we want [...]

445: Pocket Utopias


Author and conference organizer, J. P. Harpignies, recently interviewed utopian SF author, Kim Stanley Robinson, on stage at a Bioneers gathering. KMO took a recorder over to JP’s place to continue the conversation. They look at the value of utopian thought and ambition as well [...]



Scott Chaskey

KMO reflects back on the themes he encountered in the Voices of Hope in a Time Crisis conference with specific reference to presentations  by Elizabeth Yeampierre, Scott Chaskey, and Catherine Ingram. Also, KMO describes the experience of following the blogs and online videos of [...]

444: Just Winging It


The Tanzanian Life Project

KMO talks with hacktivist and organic chat client Willow Bl00. Willow has just returned from working on a variety of projects in Tanzania, Kenya and Peru where she focused on issues ranging from the use of technology to ameliorate the [...]



KMO and Duncan on the streets of Troy, NY.

Ready for more vioces from Troy, New York? Let’s hope so, because this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast continues the conversation between Duncan Crary, KMO, Olga and an assortment of colorful characters they [...]

443: Troy! It’s the New Brooklyn


On the way back from a visit to Southern Vermont, KMO and Olga stopped in Troy, NY, a small city that has seen good times and bad. They met fellow podcaster, Duncan Crary, at the Lucas Confectionary to talk about why Duncan believes that Troy [...]



The Turk

KMO attended the 2014 Digital Labor conference at the New School in Manhattan. He shared some of the better material he collected there on the publicly-accessible C-Realm Podcast, but he also had some frustrations at the opacity of many of the [...]