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454: Broken Windows




Continuing the discussion of the relationship between transportation, energy and social control as described in by Ivan Illich in Energy and Equity, KMO quotes various blogs and magazine articles to illustrate how and why Illich needed to revise his views on the destructiveness [...]

453: Yay or Nay?


An extreme position in the environmental movement is that activists should be engaged in deliberately trying to hasten the collapse of the global economic system. Nothing short of complete collapse, they argue, can save the rest of life on Earth from human rapaciousness and stupidity. [...]



A Velocipede.

Ivan Illich rejected the notion that the industrialized nations face an “energy crisis.” He argued that a society and landscape shaped by high-energy and high-speed transport distorted the human experience of time and space in unhelpful ways and exacerbated social inequalities. [...]

452: The Most Effective Change


KMO and Olga’s winter road trip is drawing to an end. This episode features two conversation recorded at their second to last stop, Bunnygoat Farm in Brewton, Alabama. The first conversation with Olga’s long-time friend, Chris “Bunny” Fields, focuses on his decision to leave NYC [...]



Street art in St. Petersburg, Florida.

KMO and Olga are on the road. This episode of the C-Realm Vault was recorded at the home of James Chris Fields (AKA Chris Bunny of Bunnygoat Farm). The episode starts with a conversation between KMO and [...]

451: Twilight’s Reach


KMO welcomes the Archdruid, John Michael Greer, back to the C-Realm to talk about the two novels he published last year. The first is Twilight’s Last Gleaming, a geo-political thriller with a twist. That novel grow out of a 5-part series of blog posts. After [...]



Holly Grigg-Spall

KMO and Olga continue the conversation from the previous C-Realm podcast with Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control. A more detailed episode description to follow.

450: Hooked on Hormones


KMO and Olga welcome Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill: How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control, to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about the psychopharmacology of the Pill. Guided by the mechanistic mentality of industrial culture, we imagine that drugs act on [...]



There’s a storm coming.

Winter storm Juno bears down on NYC, the Mayor has closed the streets, bridges and tunnels, and KMO hunkers down to produce a solo episode of the C-Realm that summarizes and explores some of Jaron Lanier’s ideas about how [...]

449: A Crisis of Listening


KMO talks with yoga teacher and oral history archivist Susan Kraft about listening and mindfulness. KMO echos some skepticism articulated by Evgeny Morozov around the popularity of practices and applications designed to facilitate “mindfulness.” While Morozov isn’t even convinced that “mindfulness” means much of anything, [...]



The conversation with Jasun Horsley continues here in the Vault. Jasun describes encounters with a terrible and untenable reality in childhood that, for a time, he interpreted as alien encounters like those reported by Whitley Strieber in Communion. Later he came to the conclusion [...]

448: Zero Cubed


KMO welcomes Doug Lain, the new publisher ar Zero Books, back to the C-Realm Podcast. Doug talks about his transition from solo podcaster to his current role, and then Jasun Horsley joins the conversation. Zero Books will publish Jasun’s most recent book, Seen and Not [...]



The fasces symbolized a Roman magistrate’s power. It remains a favorite symbol of political authority.

KMO delves into the conspiracy mentality and compares the rantings of Alex Jones on the corrupting influence of professional sports on the character of the nation with a [...]

447: Back At It


KMO took last Wednesday off, but now he’s back at it. This first C-Realm Podcast of 2015 features no guest, but KMO borrows from various sources to give a rundown of the tensions in New York City between the police, the mayor and citizens of [...]