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KMO attended an event at the Murphy Institute that addressed the tension between climate activism and the labor movement. Unions seek to help workers secure good working conditions and pay, and the fossil fuel industry is a source of high-wage jobs. It’s also PART of [...]

438: The Great Grab


If oil is the blood of the devil, then palm oil is his piss.

KMO attended the Techno-Utopianism and the Fate of the Earth teach-in at Cooper Union this past weekend where he met and recorded conversations with Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute [...]



Mark Robinowitz of traveled to NYC to attend the Techno-Utopianism and the Fate of the Earth teach-in put on by the International Forum on Globalization. KMO sat down with him to talk about the value of such an event. The conversation flows into a [...]

437: Hubris and Substitution


A graph of US oil production

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman published an opinion piece in which he lumped The Post Carbon Institute together with the Koch brothers as representatives of “climate despair,” claiming that anti-environmentalist right-wingers and anti-capitalist environmentalists are both wrong [...]



The conversation from C-Realm Podcast #436 with Solar Bob Fairchild continues in this episode. Bob talks about his experience in Haiti and on the prospects for improving quality of life for people living there. KMO and Olga are in Vermont this weekend, exploring the [...]

436: Just a Matter of Time


KMO welcomes Robert J. Fairchild (AKA Solar Bob) to the C-Realm to discuss the dramatic increase in oil extraction from hydraulic fracturing, it’s effects on the US and global economies, and what it really represents in terms of energy returned on energy invested. They make [...]



KMO’s first attempt at recording a conversation with Dr. David Denkenberger took an oddball turn onto an obscure philosophical tangent and then ended abruptly with a dropped call. What appeared in C-Realm Podcast 435 was their second, more tightly focused attempt. Herein, Vault subscribers [...]

435: No Matter What


KMO talks to Global Catastrophic Risk Institute researcher, Dr. David Denkenberger. David’s forthcoming book, Feeding Everyone No Matter What: Solving the Food Crisis After Global Catastrophe, describes the technical feasibility of feeding everyone on Earth in aftermath of a calamity the wipes out conventional agriculture. [...]



No guest this week, so KMO borrows from a lecture, A History of Conspiracy Theories in America by Robert Goldberg, as the starting point for a meditation on fear, scape-goating, hucksterism and psychological resilience. KMO provides a preview of next weekend’s podcast with a [...]

434: Ferguson Rorshach


Mayhem or uprising?

KMO talks with freelance writer and blogger Brian Kaller, who grew up in a town next to Ferguson, Missouri about how the news and images out of Ferguson seemed to provide confirmation for disparate and sometimes contradictory narratives about the forces [...]



KMO shares more interviews collected on location at the People’s Climate March and Flood Wall Street. The points of view range from that of a high school student from Vermont wearing a “Challenge Corporate Power” button to Communist revolutionaries who are waiting for revolution-friendly [...]

433: March Then Flood


KMO attended the People’s Climate March on Sunday and Flood Wall Street the next day. The first event was a permitted march that respected authority and was timed not to disrupt business. The second was unauthorized and was deliberately disruptive to traffic around the icons [...]



If you need an explanation, you don’t want to know.

KMO’s conversation with Mike Daisey closes in on the geeky goodness of murder hobos and inhabiting an alternate timeline in which JJ Abrams never made any Star Trek films and George Lucas never [...]

432: Origin Stories


Mike Daisey

KMO talks with monologist Mike Daisey about origin stories, the unconscious, will, ritual and the reality of mythology versus the idea of an objective universe. And yes, there’s a good long section on Mike’s adventure of being thrown under the bus by [...]



When KMO spoke with June Pulliam about zombies, sometimes the  conversation drifted off topic. Those bits got trimmed and saved for this episode of the Vault. June lavishes the 2014 Godzilla re-boot with praise, and KMO explains how he enjoyed it but went into [...]